Spotlight: E-Stim. Why is electro play fun?

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June 28, 2016
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Spotlight: E-Stim. Why is electro play fun?


Welcome to the third in my Spotlight blog series where we look at some of my favorite toys, where to get them, how to use them, why to use them and how they feel. Each month we will look at another piece of kit and I offer a limited number of 1 hour taster sessions to give you the chance to fully experience them. This month we’re exploring the sparky world of electronic stimulation with my E-stim kit.


E-Stim 2B power box and various attachments

What is electro play?:
Electro play, also known as erotic electrostimulation, electrosex, electrostim and variants of these is the application of electricity to the body to create desired sensations.  The electric current can stimulate nerve endings or create involuntary muscle contractions, and sensation can vary from a light pleasant tickle sensations through to flesh searing agony, and everything in between. It’s a wonderful way to indulge in unique sensations, and can add intensity and pleasure to many different sexual and BDSM situations. There are a few ways to achieve this, I will be writing here about using a device developed specifically for erotic play, the E-Stim unit.

Where to get an electro stim power box from:
I got mine from E-Stim Systems. I ordered the 2B™ Pro Pack so I had all the attachments from the start.
These guys have the most delightful and efficient customer service, and immediately fixed a small problem I had with a box. There are plenty of other high quality electro stimulation brands out there, but I have been consistently happy with these products.
Why this brand:

I chose this power box from the variety that were out there for a number of reasons:
  • It’s a recognized brand and has a lifetime guarantee
  • It has two individually controlled outputs, so I can have two things happening simultaneously at different intensities
  • Backlit LCD display means I can see what setting I’m on, not having to remember codes or number of flashes
  • Can be plugged into the mains as well as battery controlled
  • Can be controlled over the internet
  • It has an internal mic and can react to sound, so for example, if I spank you you get a shock, if I speak to you you get a shock, if you squeal in pain…well, that ends up being an entertaining loop
  • Lots of options of different settings for different sensations, all adjustable
A short history of electro stimulation:

Electrotherapy has a fascinating history in medicine and has been used to cure all sorts of ailments.  From the Egyptians using electrical charges from fish to treat problems, and through the Greeks and Romans.
The Violet Ray (early violet wand) appeared during the early 20th century and was an electrical system that had hollow glass attachments of various shapes an sizes, each one with a specific purpose. It was said to be able to treat insomnia, gout, carrarah, lumbargo, and hysteria in women.
This was the pre-cursor to the modern violet wand which is now used in kink play. Electro stimulation is still used in medicine today. One example being the tens unit which is used to treat nerve related pain and for muscle rehabilitation. It can be easily and cheaply bought in pharmacies. Modern electro boxes are basically just super fancy, kinked up tens units that people have used a lot of imagination to think up fun things to do with.
How to use E-Stim:
4mmloopsThe use of this e-stim unit depends entirely on the attachments, the box itself is used to alter the intensity and sensations created by the electricity, but there needs to be some way to transfer that to a person. I’ve only quite recently started playing with this so my collection is small, there are countless attachments available.

The most common are adhesive pads, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes and stick to the body delivering sensation. Depending on where they are placed sometimes this simply feels like a localized sensation, and other times stimulates muscles to move involuntarily. I like to use these around the ass and groin, they can be quite fun to just leave going whilst other things happen.


My favorite attachments are these Rubber Cock Loops. I put one at the base of the cock and one around the glans, then switch the machine on. The most popular setting is Thrust, which has been described like someone squeezing the cock, other settings feel more like pulsing, twisting…
The next thing I want to get is a Vyper 2or maybe some urethral sounds for more intense cock and ball stimulation.
Why I like playing with E-Stim:

I like electro play because it’s relentless, it doesn’t get tired out, and I can just leave it doing things whilst I focus somewhere else. I can sit on my chair and eat delicious chocolates whilst someone writhes in pain at my feet, or I can tease, spank, torture or torment any other part of their body, knowing the sensations are building up. I also enjoy the fact I am not directly administering the pain so not completely sure how intense it is, I have to carefully read a persons reactions to understand where they are and adjust accordingly. And finally, I can cause massive pain just by twisting a knob, what’s not to like about that!
What does E-Stim feel like:

The tie and tease was Sir introducing me to new sensations, and the e-stim unit really opened up some new possibilities in play, and a completely unplanned climax which had me emotionally reeling. My next experience with Sir’s diabolical toy was all about pain, and control and was even more fun. Sir used the unit, experimented with it, to see what kind of pain effects it could produce, and how much I could take (not a lot!). Sir became interested in producing muscle twitching effects in my leg, and moved the electrodes around to great affect. There was pain, but hearing Sir giggle as she forced my legs to dance was something of a balm.

Sir rests an elbow on my chest, cupping her face in her hand, and looks at me. A cat with a new mouse to toy with, but mesmerised, I forget this is my torturer. The pain returns, in waves, pushing me, pushing my limits.  There are sensations of hair being ripped out, flesh being torn, skin being burnt, but it is all illusion. I know it is illusion. But I still scream. Sir becomes fascinated with an effect (a sensation of my legs being forced apart by a large object – also illusionary) and moves the electrodes to a new spot. The experiments start again. 
Of the two, pain and pleasure, Sir expertly produced both, and had me writhing helplessly for hours. I would happily revisit both. – M slave
Health and safety:

Playing with electricity has its dangers. General advice is nothing above the belt unless you really know what you’re doing.  An electrical impulse disrupting the heartbeat could cause problems, and similar crossing the brain. Remember hand to hand is still above the waist. It’s also not advised for anyone who is fitted with a pacemaker or is pregnant.

Pads are reusable but as I play with a lot of different people I write names on them after use and only use a set with one person to avoid cross contamination of any kind.


Now it’s your turn!

This month I’m offering three one hour taster sessions to explore electro stimulation.

To apply for a taster session click the button below.

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