What happens during an overnight session?

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January 4, 2016
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March 16, 2016

What happens during an overnight session?

What happens during an overnight session?

I've been asked this question a lot recently, so here's a write up of the most recent session. It goes without saying that every one is different, I have different dynamics with everybody and my mood is different each time. This little morsel should feed your curiosity and imagination, at least for a little while.


Overnight sessions start when I wake up the morning (afternoon) before the session. I know it's going to be a full evening and I want to be able to give it everything so I don't schedule anything for the day. I spend it preparing, tidying, setting-up and planning the evening. I luxuriate in a long bath, relax, read, buy any last minute things that need bought, exercise lightly, eat well. All things to make me feel good in myself so I can give my best in the evening.

Last weekend however I started bleeding through the day - now anyone who knows me well knows that I really suffer at this time of the month. I spent a lot of Saturday lying in the bath and thinking of ingenious ways we could still have fun whilst I was more horizontal!

It starts with dinner

Dressed up and in my stompy Grinder boots I met L in St Johns, an interesting restaurant in an old smoke house that I'd been meaning to try for years. With so much time ahead of us I like to start gently with good food, talk about anything that needs talking about, catch up on what's been happening in each others lives. L and I have been seeing each other regularly for 3 or 4 years now so there’s always plenty to talk about.


Slave hard at work polishing my boots

After rabbit, veal and Guinness sponge we were feeling a little full for play so we walked part of the way back to mine. By the time we got back I was eager to get started! Wary of our still digesting stomachs I stripped L off, collared him and set him to work polishing my boots whilst I reclined on my gorgeous leather chair. I know L loves leather and polishing boots, so this was a perfect way to get him into a more submissive headspace, and give us both time to finish digesting. You can see a picture of it here, it was a very pleasing sight.

Improving language skills with S&M

By the time he was finished I was itching to pass on some of the pain I'd been in all day: Menstruating makes me a particular kind of lazy sadistic. Now L visits from Sweden so English isn't his first language. Over the past few months he'd been sending me lists of words he'd been learning and I intended to test him. I wrote each word down, asked him to pronounce it, tell me what it meant and use it in a sentence. For each mistake he would be hit hard, with my new paddle at first, them moving onto canes. Of course being strung up, and distracted by teasing and leather somewhat impaired his memory skills. He was quickly very red.

After a while I got bored of the words, but absolutely not bored of the hurting, so a grand beating took place. Sometimes I let him dance around the room (as much as he could with his writs cuffed above his head), other times I ordered him to be still and take it. It's funny how in hurting someone else I completely forgot about any discomfort I was in myself.

Massage and electric empathy

For the next part I wanted to take a more horizontal position, enjoy a relaxing massage and teach L some empathy. Whilst the worst of the cramps had passed they were still very much present, and the thought of warm hands over my aching muscles was irresistible. I attached to him a remote control E-Stim Systems unit, the pads near where his uterus would be if he had one. I enjoyed a delicious massage, and each time I had a cramp I made him suffer too. I do like educating people, and L definitely had a much better understanding of my pain when we were done. It was delightful!

After the massage I was getting sleepy, but not quite ready to finish yet. L has a leather fetish and a bondage fetish, so I zipped him up in his leather sleepsack, blindfolded him and left him lying at the side of my bed to blissfully drift off. The sleepsack is very tight and after about an hour I could see he was getting uncomfortable. I left him a little longer, then brought him out and put him into the cage where he would spend the rest of the night.

Morning rituals

When I woke in the morning I let him out and instructed him to run me a bath, then to clean the kitchen whilst I was bathing. The rest of the morning was sorting out details of next visits, the shape of future time together, our upcoming trip to Moscow, then with a hug he was off.

Often I ask for eggs royale for breakfast (although not this time) and am thoroughly enjoying keeping tabs of who makes he best hollandaise sauce, the current winner is B from the Kinky Holiday. Next time I'm expecting great things from L.

So there it is, one overnight session shaped by how I felt on the day and what L's particular fetishes are. I've never done a session exactly like this one before and I doubt I ever will again.

Overnight possibilities

There are three basic structures for overnight sessions. As above, starting and ending with food, with 3-4 hours play and a decent amount of sleep in the middle, you in the cage and me on the bed above you, for these I charge £900. More intense play through the night is another option, this costs more depending on exact details. There is also a service option with less service and more play. More details here. Drop me an email at claire @ ecstasyinagony.com if you're curious what an overnight between us might look like.

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