What does a London Pro-Domme do outside of work?

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March 22, 2017
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May 3, 2017

What does a London Pro-Domme do outside of work?

Lying in the park, bliss

A while back I asked my Twitter followers what they would like to know about me in a blog post and this question came up: What’s my everyday life like outside of work?

This is an interesting question as it forced me to consider what aspects of my personal life I’m willing to discuss publicly, and which to keep private. I default to only sharing things relevant to work online so re-evaluating this was a useful process. There are some parts I’ve decided against sharing here; with people I know I am generally very open, but people who don’t know me might jump to incorrect conclusions based on partially mentioned things on a blog. I’m sure you can understand.

I do spend a lot of time working. I enjoy having a purpose, and my work is varied and interesting enough to hold my attention for long periods. I typically do between 2-5 sessions per week, then there is a lot of emailing, marketing, self promotion, setting up and clearing up, planning, learning, practising, photo shoots, photo editing, video editing, filming, website tweaking, blog writing and other stuff. I can easily fill up days on end with only work!

Most days I get out of bed around 10-11am. I have decaf coffee, maybe have some breakfast, make a list of what needs done that day and reply to the quick emails. From there my day can go in many directions, a freedom I absolutely adore.

I live by myself and generally work by myself, so making social time is important. Whilst I enjoy my own company a lot, there are limits! I try to spend a little time with friends most days, whether for lunch, dinner, co-working, going for walks or other social endeavours. I have a lot of close friends who mean the world to me.

Claire Black in San Francisco

In San Francisco 2016

Hobbies and interests come and go, I tend to get extremely interested in something for a few weeks or months, then lose interest and move on. Sometimes they circle back around. Recent examples include: swordfighting, photography, rock climbing, silversmithing, leather working, playing guitar, running, rope dart, trying to make the perfect smoothie… Honestly BDSM is one of the few things that has held my interest for any amount of time!

Travelling is a pleasure of mine, both for work as a companion or purely adventure. I love to see and experience new things, and more importantly, taste new foods! As I write this I am on my way to New Orleans, somewhere I’ve been desperate to visit since growing up reading Poppy Z Brite’s fabulous horror stories and Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, both set in New Orleans. I’m expecting adventures with sexy vampires and relatable serial killers (none of whom I will allow to actually kill me). This summer I have plans to visit Serbia and Italy (I expect to return approx. twice my current size after all the food) and hoping to squeeze in a few more trips before the year is out.

I spend a lot of time in parks, I find watching the anatidae relaxing, the chicks at this time of year delightful, and being surrounded by green always lifts my mood. Very very occasionally I go out to parties (I do like to dance) or festival type weekends. These used to be a lot more interesting in my 20’s but the novelty wore off pretty quickly upon turning 30; this may be proportional to how long it takes to recover from said events.


To relax of an evening I enjoy:

currently Happy by Derren Brown, The Dispossessed by Ursula K Le Guin, The Hanging Tree by Ben Aaronovitch, and This Is London: Life and Death in the World City by Ben Judah.

Lying in the bath listening to audio books:
currently Harry Potter series read by Stephen Fry, Death by Black Hole and other cosmic quandaries by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Recently finished The Game of Thrones series and Freakonomics.

Watching films and TV series on Netflix:
recently I enjoyed Sherlock, Daredevil, Travellers, The OA and Planet Earth.

Drinking single malt whisky:
Lagavulin, Ardbeg, Laphroaig, Talisker… the smokier and peatier the better generally. Check out my gift list of you want to treat me to a bottle.

So there you have it. A snapshot of the life of a London Pro-Domme outside of work. Was it what you expected? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and if you have any recommendations of things you think I would enjoy based on this do say.


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Martin Owers
A new and very different blog entry. Speaking as a public sector salaryman (wake at six am, home around seven pm, all for the princely sum of £12 an hour) I am at first glance envious of Sirs lifestyle. But, BUT, Sir Claire is somewhat glossing over the enormous courage and deep reserves (mentally, spiritually, emotionally) needed to live an alternative lifestyle and the rocky road this can be. I could never have made this journey and actually I think Sir Claire’s working life is a lot harder than mine (making the rewards, I hope, sweeter). This is probably why… Read more »

Thank you for sharing. I see that we both share the same taste in whisky. I all think that it is very interesting to read your posts, especially ones like this, to see that you a real person and not just someone who into just into domination for the money.