Trampling and Kicking session

Mildly caned bum by Sir Claire Black
Spotlight: Canes
May 1, 2016
the underside of Sir Claire Black's boot
What’s it like to be trampled and kicked?
June 28, 2016

Trampling and Kicking session

Doc Martin trampling by Sir Claire Black

Last week’s session that was so much fun we repeated the very next day!

We first met 4 years ago, but for reasons that are not interesting hadn’t seen each other since. There are some sessions that stick in the mind and his was one, I was delighted to hear from him again.

He has a fetish for Dr Marten boots, and stomping, and more recently kicking. He wanted to book a session with plenty of walking all over him, dancing on him, standing on him and ignoring him, treating his as a floor, the usual trampling fetish things. More unusually he wanted an extreme kicking lasting around 15 minutes with no safeword. We negotiated this carefully, generally I wouldn’t offer this to someone I don’t know well, but I remembered how experienced and knowledgeable he was when we last met and decided to take a risk on it. He wasn’t going to be tied up, gagged or blindfolded so I would be able to read his full range of movements, noises and expressions.

I answered the door to an open smiling face, always a great start. After a short friendly chat, making sure we were both very clear on boundaries, where to kick and stomp and where to ignore we went into the room. He sweetly asked how undressed I wanted him, if I wanted any clothes left on. I love naked bodies, I find them fascinating, and the more musculature and appendages I can see, the more easily I can read his experience. He whipped his clothes off.

Quickly he was lying on the floor naked, grinning as I stood above him in my old 21 hole black Dr Marten boots. I was teasing, I love building the anticipation, knowing he wanted nothing more than my weight on his body and denying him this. Running my boot along his side, slipping the smooth, worn down sole over his chest, down his stomach. Smiling into his eyes.

I started gently, holding some of my weight with my arms above my head, teasing little steps on and off. The more I stood on him the more content his face, the broader his smile. It’s such a delight playing with someone and being able to see their utter joy across their face. The bliss as he lay still, fully supporting my weigh with his body.

bootfrontWe built up in intensity of stepping on and of, walking around, dancing around, stepping on his head, but I was itching to start kicking. I like kicking people. I set a timer, I like the precision of this, he would have 15 minutes and NOTHING would stop that. I kicked with the flat top of my boot and the pointy toe, the full side on his back, the heel from behind. I did some hard kicks and some softer, some rolling him into position with my feet. Some rapid in one spot, and some relentlessly in time with the music. He tried to roll up and protect himself, he tried to fight it a little which just added to my excitement. But never for long did that smile leave his face.

He didn’t beg so much in the end, he was a tough little cookie despite his feeble attempts to protect himself. I stood on him sweating and satisfied. I ignored him and treated him as a floor, walking back and forth, pausing on him to recover and drink water.

We agreed that he would orgasm at the end so we finished by me dancing hard on him, as hard as I could whilst he masturbated. He very thoughtfully had brought along condoms and offered to put one on to contain the mess. I told him he had 2 minutes to get himself off. 90 seconds later he was thanking me and grinning eat to ear.

When we were all dressed he told me that was perfect, ‘so perfect, can we do it again tomorrow?’

The next day he returned to my door, delicate from bruises, and we started again. This time harder. This time with breaks for him to drink a pint of my piss. This time he really begged.

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