What’s it like to be trampled and kicked?

Doc Martin trampling by Sir Claire Black
Trampling and Kicking session
May 12, 2016
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July 1, 2016

What’s it like to be trampled and kicked?

the underside of Sir Claire Black's boot

A few weeks ago I posted a write up of a delightful session of trampling and kicking Did you see it? When checking in that the person written about was okay with the story being published I asked if there was anything he would like to add, a little from his perspective. He got back to me with a beautiful write up of the session, which I must say was absolutely fascinating to read. He also gave permission for me to share it with you, so here it is below. Enjoy.

Trampling and kicking from the perspective of the trodden

After a too long hiatus I had the chance to apply for another session with Claire. I wrote her an e-mail, asking for a session in which she would trample me, use me as her dance floor and finally give me a long, hard full-body kicking that would last for a prearranged time and could under no circumstances be terminated by me. The trampling part we had done before but a merciless kicking was something new for us.

Claire mentions on her website that she would reply to e-mail requests within 24 hours and indeed I got a message from her the very next day. Her detailed reply showed that she had seriously considered my specified ideas for the session. Claire very honestly informed me which parts of my request were easily realizable and which parts needed further clarification before she could give me a green light. I was highly impressed by her honesty, it was very clear from the beginning that she was not going to make any promises that she wasn’t prepared to fulfill. Moreover I really appreciated the professional and friendly way in which she replied. I am a masochist but I am not really into submission and I seriously dislike it when the domination starts before the play. We cleared up a few points and the session date and time was fixed soon.

It was a joy to finally meet Claire again. Seeing her brought back happy memories of our last session which was a remarkable event for me. I had reminded her about my fetish for Doc Martens boots and she had chosen just the perfect outfit for the upcoming event. Before getting down to business we first had a nice chat which reassured me that I would be in the hands of a person I could really trust. I could feel relaxed from the very first moment that we went over to her dungeon and I layed down on the floor.

The first few minutes of the session were perhaps the hardest to bear. I could see from her teasing smile that Claire knew how much I wanted to be under her booted feet but she decided to build up the tension slowly by first touching my body with her Doc Martens, wiping her soles softly over my face and applying just a bit of pressure to show me what was going to come. Finally she stepped on me and started with the trampling, softly first but soon harder. It was a pure bliss to feel her weight and look up to her while she walked and danced on me to the music she had chosen.

claire-black-doc-martens-tramplingFinally it was kicking time. Claire stepped down from me to set a timer. She informed me that as discussed she wasn’t going to stop kicking me hard before the time was up, absolutely no matter what. I asked her how she wanted me to position my body for this. “It doesn’t matter, you’ll be rolling around the floor once I start”. Which proved to be the case… I had asked explicitly for a painful kicking and continous pain is what I got during the next 15 minutes. Very intense and lovely pain that kept on no matter if I tried to protect myself or just subdued to the impact of her boots. The pain got more intense after a few minutes as there were not too many spots of my body left that hadn’t been affected by her kicks. When I looked up, Claire looked me in the eyes and gave me the loveliest smile conceivable but not for a moment did she interrupt her kicking or diminish the intensity. It was an incredibly intense experience to see her beautiful tatooed legs swing towards me for a fraction of a second before I felt yet another sharp pain when her boot made contact with my body. And again and again and again and again for 15 long minutes…

Intense as it was, during the whole process Claire managed to dose her kicks in a way that made me very sure that I was in no danger to receive any serious bodily damage. Due to this I could give myself up to her completely without any fear that I might have to regret this later. I have had a trampling and kicking fetish for a long time and session frequently for many years but this was without any doubt the most thoroughly and expertly carried out full body kicking I have ever experienced.

After the kicking Claire gave me time to breath while she stood on me and drank some water before she continued with more trampling and dancing on me. After the previous quarter of an hour this felt now like a recreation. When she asked me to kiss the soles of her Doc Martens I hesitated at first but another round of hard kicks convinced me quickly that I should better obey. It was perfect.

The whole session was such a great experience that I just had to see Claire again the next day. The second session was a challenge as the bruised spots were even more tender than the rest of my body but this just intensified the experience. As a special treat I was allowed to drink a full pint glass of Claires urine and the way she presented this to me was so lovely that all the pain was forgotten…

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