Some words said to me (and about me) by people I've played with, all published by permission.

I owe you a massive thank you. Finding this part of myself took a lot of years and a lot of searching for, and you've made it so easy for me to explore myself and so enjoyable too!! Please don't underestimate how much you've helped me, you really are great at what you do, and a wonderful person too, so yeah thank you šŸ˜Š
Ali, Oct 2017

What you have done and continue to do is melt an inner ice-age of frozen-ness within me (which includes my sexuality). Shame is withering, searing, crippling, disabling, undermining and demoralising. Shaming an other is a massive part of our personal and collective nuclear capability. SHAME has dogged me throughout my life. In your presence ā€“ NO shame, at all. That is such a huge and generous gift to me. Your loving capacity to detoxify the poison of shame is one of your greatest and most precious gifts (to me ā€“ and to other clients).
-Christoph, August 2016

I want to thank you for what feels like the privilege of having had a session with you. It seemed like the time slipped by so quickly, and I was left wanting more in the best way. What seems most significant for me right now is that you not only showed me some hot new experiences in the safest way I could imagine, but that you also showed me a new type of d/s dynamic from what I had previously experienced. Your way of naturally providing intimate aftercare just when I needed it after (and during) the session left me feeling so seen and accepted. I'll also be taking with me a new way of submitting more joyously and communicating more freely during play. This is all really important to me so thank you.
- Ethan, Feb 2016

Today I have ached deliciously in some unusual places, and smiled a lot. Thank you for a really good first meeting, for your inventiveness and for some surprisingly lovely calm moments.
- pocket elf, Jan 2016

A quick THANK YOU for the wonderful, wonderful session today! I am still on a high as I write this, and probably will still be on it tomorrow morning!! The sensations/pain I felt were fabulous, but what truly made the experience for me was seeing you smile while we were playing. It was a delight to think of you enjoying it too!!
- Peter, Nov 2015

You have an incredible understanding of pain and it seems an insatiable appetite to learn about how it works in others.
- Nick D. Sept 2015

After a couple of minutes the pounding stops. Iā€™m flipped over and I brace myself for more punishment. Instead I find myself staring into an impossibly sweet face with twinkling eyes and a broad smile.
- Paul, June 2015
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I left your playroom smiling, serene and walking on air, with all my senses incredibly alive. And far from any feeling of 'drop' over the weekend, I continued to smile at fabulous little moments of memories as they surfaced; different sensations or words, as well as some rather delightful bruises! You took care of me while deliciously hurting me, and for that I'm forever pleased and grateful.
I read your blog post on your preparation for our session aloud to my husband last night, and he was so pleased to understand how much thought and professionalism went into your work.
-Jilly, May 2015

I really enjoyed meeting you and being with you. I found the experience liberating, sensous, exciting and at times frightening. I also felt overwhelmed not just by you physically but mentally. You have eyes that seem to look quite into me and have a manner that encouraged submission and a feeling of acceptance of your will and pain.
And you have a smile to die for!
- Michael, April 2015

Wow, I had such a wonderful time today thank you so much - it was all I hoped it would be and more. And my fears, of which there were many, flew out of the window. There was honestly not a moment I didn't love - I'd say 'the highlight was...' but it was just a succession of one highlight after another, though the breath control as you gazed into my eyes at the end will probably go down as one of the most erotic things I've ever experienced. Also I don't think I've ever felt so tempted to kiss someone in my whole life, whew, very powerful!
-Chris ā€“ March 2015
Claire, thank you for your groundedness, your quiet, strong energy, and for wearing your truth in the patterns on your skin. You convey a deep, dark love: mystical and magical, that flows from dark to light and back again.
-Anna Sansom, The LadyGarden Project, Oct 2013

Dear Claire, You do you own thing. You know that in this crowded world you want to satisfy your self of your own worth.
I think you are a rare person. I was privilege to have an hour of your attention on Friday. I have never had a bondage hour so enjoyable. Your skill, inventiveness, and patience was the best.
Your devoted fan Alan.
-Alan, October 2013

I still have not worked how someone who looks so sweet can be so nasty (in the nicest way possible).
-Nathan, June 2013

Just a note to say thank you thank you for the session last Monday. I had a great experience, difficult to put into words all the feelings and sensations - but it was special. My nipples were nicely sore for a while after (still a bit tingly). The fireplay was exquisite and a revelation because I had no conception of what it would be. It was all good; the flogging, the bites, the blindfold, the rhythm, the pain, the soothing, and all the details that remain in the memory. I haven't laughed / giggled so much for a while and I really didn't expect that, such a joy and release. When it comes back to mind now I can't help but smile... Once again thank you, you were enchanting, skilful, and I felt in good hands.
-Matthew, Nov 2012

Just wanted to say thank you again for our session. It has opened my eyes. To say I enjoyed it was an understatement. I never thought being hurt would be so pleasurable and your soft and sensual touches punctuated the pain perfectly.
-Edward, Sept 2012

Thanks for an amazing time yesterday. It felt great to give up control and you certainly managed to take me beyond where I thought my limits were. The combination of pain and other sensations was exquisite. You gave me a great introduction and inspired complete confidence. I am now very interested in exploring BDSM further.
Still a little sore this morning but no marks - you are very good at what you do!
-Jim Brown, August 2012

Just writing to say how much I enjoyed our session, my first with you, on Saturday. I wasn't sure exactly what to expect but your website intrigued me and I wasn't disappointed. You showed a delightfully sadistic touch in all forms of flogging, spanking and CBT but I always felt safe that my pain boundaries were being expertly observed. You also have amazingly hypnotic brown eyes which are really mesmerising to look into even when you are inflicting some kind of torture.
-Anonymous, March 2012

Now my brain has somewhat returned to the state of active participation I wanted to thank you for today. As far as experiences go that was one of the most intense, pleasurable of my life from kneeling naked in front of you to feeling the sensation of your whips on me. I do not usually feel trusting of someone quickly but not only did it feel natural to submit to you, I found that I really wanted to do so. I also felt that you were someone who is easy to talk to and someone worth trusting. It all felt natural and part of me wondered what I had been afraid of in the first place.
-Nick Saunders, February 2012

Just wanted to write and thank you for yesterday's session. It was one of the most intense, pleasurable - euphoric - sessions I've ever had. You moved me and touched me in ways and in places that went beyond the merely physical.

I found your quiet demeanour, your gentle but firm assertiveness, your awareness of the effect of what you were doing, your sensitive response to my state, your playful sadism and skilful application of floggers and other tools quite overwhelming: kissing your boots was the only appropriate response to what you accomplished.
I loved it that we danced, that you choreographed movement with the subtle application of pain. I melted at your caress.
You also make a good cup of tea. Which is important.
-Francis, Nov 2011

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