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If you want to meet up this month you'd better be quick

I've just updated my availability on my calendar to the end of this year so you can check if I'm around when you want to meet. Occasionally plans are flexible, so if you can absolutely only do a certain day and it isn't showing free, it's worth asking just in case.

You'll notice I've got only a few days left in the whole of September! I can get booked up quickly because I only do 4 sessions a week, maybe 5 depending on what else I have on. This way I know I'll be fresh and excited to play each session. There's nothing worse than feeling run down and just trying to get through it and make the time pass. We should both be so lost in whatever we are doing together that time becomes meaningless, and I have a limited capacity to do that each week.

Unusually I'm meeting quite a few new people in the next few weeks. After 5 years I have a lot of established relationships, which is a delight, and really one of the main reasons I do this, to enjoy where connections can lead. Meeting up with new people however does bring an uncertainty and adrenaline kick that is also quite delicious, so I very much look forward to welcoming you and exploring you.

Although I'm showing as not available, I could squeeze in a little one hour session on the week starting the 14th Sept, then I'm not free until the following dates near the end of the month:

  • Monday 21st
  • Wednesday 23rd
  • Thursday 24th
  • Friday 25th

Although there are 4 dates there I'm only going to take 2 more sessions. This is because I'm off up to a little cottage on the North coast of Scotland for a 4 day D/s holiday on the 27th so I'll be preparing and plotting in the week before. I'm going to hang around up there for a while after to catch up with old uni friends, so I'll be back and hungry to get my hands on some eager naked skin from October 8th

So, if you want to catch up with me this month you're going to have to be quick, otherwise I'll see you in October

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