Reflecting on 2016: Looking to 2017

Humiliation and Degradation session review
December 11, 2016
Worship the perfect feet of London Dominatrix Claire Black. She dares you to submit on your knees in front of her and try to prove your pathetic life has any purpose
Connecting through clips
January 28, 2017

Reflecting on 2016: Looking to 2017

London Mistress Claire Black teasing you in her fishnets and black leather harness. She lies on the bed playfully with her feet in the corner.

Well what a year 2016 was. It sounds like a lot of you had a pretty turbulent time, I hope you’ve all came out the other side stronger and wiser for it.

Claire Black hand tattoo2016 was the year of travelling for me, I even got a new tattoo signifying exploring new places. Some of my adventures were for work; I went on kinky mini-breaks to Amsterdam and Moscow and offered sessions in Atlanta, San Francisco and (somewhat less exotic) Edinburgh. You can read more about my experiences in the states in this blog post. Despite not having as many sessions as I would have liked in Atlanta, I am persevering and will be back there the weekend of the 23rd Feb, if you missed me last time make sure to get in next time!

Other places I visited were purely for the love of adventure. I ate Paella and visited the Basilica de Sagrada Familia in Barcelona with the delightful Rebecca Lowrie, in Israel I floated in the Dead Sea and was awed by the layers of history in Jerusalem Old City, and France offered the most delicious cheeses, wines and cosy cottages. I’m always up for more travelling so if you would like to book a mini-break with me you can find out more here, or get in touch if you want me to let you know when I’m visiting your city.


Floating around in the Dead Sea

It wasn’t all happy and jolly, I had some difficulties around my wonderful venue and on two occasions was told I’d have to leave as the building was being sold. Now things seem more secure, and I just signed a lease for 1 year. I’ll need to leave at the end of 2017 as the building is being redeveloped, but at least for now I can continue having a secure base to offer delightful sessions from.

And what a base it is! I’ve had some absolutely fabulous sessions here, you can read about The Overnight, Humiliation and Degradation, Kicking and Trampling, or watch me doing some Shibari for Channel 4. As well as continuing to develop relationships with people I’ve been playing with for years I’ve met some wonderful new gentlemen who I am very much looking forward to getting to know better in 2017.

I’ve also added a bunch of kit to the session room. A custom spreader bar, bondage table and stocks, alongside a selection of whips, paddles, clips, clamps, electrics, gags… I’m currently working a spanking bench and a St Andrews Cross, the bench should be ready within a week or two, the cross, a month or two.


I’ve also been working on building a social media platform and spent quite a lot of time figuring out Twitter. I think I’ve cracked it, so go and follow me there to keep up to date with my adventures. You can make an anonymous account, but do drop me a message to let me know who you are if you add me.

Looking forward to 2017 there are so many things I want to do. I want to travel to more exciting places and meet new wonderful people. I also want to start doing some filming. I will be offering more double-domme sessions with some very enthusiastic kinky friends who love to dabble in domming and subbing. I want to continue learning and improving my skills in Shibari and single tail whipping, and also delve further into the mirky depths of degredation and humiliation.

And finally I’m offering out my services to more dommes as a supervisor/mentor. I have a couple of mentees already and find it so rewarding to share my experience, to be a sounding board for ideas, listen to emotionally complex problems and generally support other powerful wonderful dominants.

So, here’s to a fabulous new year, and I hope yours brings you everything you desire.


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