I've gathered a lot of experience since I started dabbling in the world of BDSM in the early 2000's, some things learned through instinct, some trial and error, some from YouTube, learning from friends, and some through formal workshops and trainings. Here are the formal parts of my learnings, and I can recommend every single one of them.

11/14 - Sex and Space with David Bloom
10/14 - Kinky Kung Fu with Frank and Shiela
03/14 - Erotic Hypnosis Training with Lee Allure
02/13 - Purvida weekend at Osho Leela - Various workshops

12/12 - Urban Tantra practitioners training with Barbara Carrellas
08/12 - Osho Leela festival of Conscious Sexuality - various workshops
07/12 - Nowhere, Spain - various workshops
03/12 - Plug n Play: Singletail Whips with DK leather and Lu Leather Eagle
11/11 - Plug n Play: Fire and Wax with DK leather and Lu Leather Eagle
10/11 - Ritual Theatre, the Shamanic Journey of the Fool with Seani Fool
10/11 - Make your Dark and Dirty Dreams come True with Dossie Easton and London Faerie – a workshop in Fantasies and the Shadow
10/11 - Anal Mapping and Sexological Bodywork and Erotic Trance States with Joseph Kramer
09/11 - Totality Therapy Training with Shakti Malan
09/11 - Energy and Character II with John Hawken
08/11 - The Holy Hole with Katie Sarra and Sarah Robinson
07/11 - Xplore Berlin (various workshops)
06/11 - Shibari with Santi Beginners and Intermediate
05/11 - Mapping the Underworld with Raven Kaldera
05/11 - Vipassana 10 day silent meditation retreat Dhamma Dipa
03/11 - Energy and Character (Reichian analysis) I with John Hawken
02/11 - Hook piercing with Alex Catchpole
01/11 - Hook Piercing Masterclass with Yossie Silverman

10/09 - Sex Magick for couples with Barbara Carrellas
08/08 - Radical Ecstasy with Dossie Easton
05/07 - Spirit + Flesh ritual with Fakir Musafar

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