Personal Assistant Required

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July 29, 2015
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August 13, 2015

Personal Assistant Required

Here's the opportunity so many of you service oriented subs have been waiting for.

Now, before you get all excited do read the whole of this (deliberately lengthy) post.

I frequently hear from men who want to be my 'personal slave', want to do helpful things for me because they consider me their superior. These approaches tend to come with a list of fetishes and kinks the approaching slave has and what they want in return for their service. In these cases I encourage booking a paid session so we get to play and I think of service oriented tasks I need done that you will enjoy. This way we both have a good time together and no-one leaves frustrated their desires haven't been met.

What I'm looking for here is something a bit different, something a bit more special, a Personal Assistant. To me this means someone who will do what I request for the pleasure and satisfaction of doing a job well for someone they respect. Were I to decide to reward a given task with some kind of play it would be entirely because I felt like it, and not in any way to be expected. Expecting it is the easiest way to guarantee play/rewards will definitely not happen, and our relationship will be a short one. Like any relationship this will grow over time, and you will find me an appreciative, compassionate and supportive friend, as well as an exacting dominant.

Some of the tasks I might ask you to complete include; domestic chores such as cleaning and cooking, light admin duties, shopping/fetching things, research, driving (if possible, I know so few of you in London drive). This should take up a couple of hours per week of your time, although this is very flexible.

To clarify what exactly I'm looking for here's a list of desirable characteristics. You don't need to have all of them, and you may have some I've not mentioned here.

  • You take pride in a job well done
  • You only need to be told/taught a thing once
  • Satisfaction of helping me is reward in itself
  • Punctuality is of utmost importance, and the ability to meet a deadline
  • Basic competence in domestic chores
  • An eye for detail
  • Ability to problem solve
  • At least a basic ability to cook (you can always learn more)
  • Basic internet navigation skills (can you research the best way to get from A to B, book flight etc)
  • Literacy, the ability to write in sentences and paragraphs
  • A realistic and honest understanding of your abilities and yourself
  • Ability to drive and owning a car is a bonus

To make sure we're totally clear, here's exactly what I do not want

  • A job done badly so you can be punished
  • Serving me so I will play with or reward you
  • Trying out a fantasy you've kind of had and you're not sure about but this seems like a good freebie so why not
  • An inability to be honest with me
  • Needy whining about your desires
  • Manipulative attempts to monopolise my time
  • Attempts to tell me what I want

If any of the latter list sound like you, then this is an opportunity for you to work on yourself and come back when you have resolved that issue and no longer display this behaviour.

In time I expect to let you into my personal life, my home, different aspects of my world. You'll understand my work and you'll get close to me in a way few others will. I need to be able to trust and rely upon you so it is very important everyone is honest and upfront from the start.

If you've read all this and see yourself as my next assistant, with the qualities I desire and a willingness to serve, I look forward to hearing from you. You can email me at with the following information, exactly as I request. This is your first test.

Personal Assistant application

Polite greeting
Relevant previous experience/skills. No more than 4 sentences.
One sentence with general availability in London (be realistic here!)
If you have a vehicle
Polite closing
Attach at least one face and one full body pic. I will not show these to anyone and will delete them

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