Just what the doctor ordered

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July 27, 2015
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August 4, 2015

Just what the doctor ordered

BDSM is inherently a risky business. Tying people in restrictive positions for lengths of time and using floggers, whips, needles, hot wax, fire, compression, impact play, clamps, electrical currents, blades and so many other things on their body is a massive responsibility that should be undertaken with as complete an understanding of the risks as possible. There's no excuse at all for ignorance in this work.

It's of utmost importance that our play is as safe as possible, this way we can go further and explore the edges.

Every body responds differently to different stimulation due to a massive number of factors, some more set in a persons physiology, and many changing day by day, hour by hour. I've read widely on anatomy, risks of each activity, how some medical conditions can affect different kinds of play and what creates more risk, and I have thought deeply about which risks I am willing to take and which I am not, but there is still a lot I don't know.

To answer some of my more in depth questions I'm meeting up with a kink aware medical professional on Friday to pick his brain on some of the finer details of physical risks in sessions with particular individuals I play with often.

It occurs to me that I'm very privileged to have access to someone understanding and open minded, and there might be lots of you out there with burning kink related medical questions and no-one to answer them, so I'm offering to bring along a handful of your questions to ask anonymously on Friday.

What's your kink reated medical question? *

So get in touch by email and let me know if you have some question you've had in mind but not wanted to face the family doctor with and I'll pass on all reasonable ones.

* All the expected disclaimers here, each person is different and medical conditions vary widely, we will only have very limited information to go on in these questions so please be aware that there could be other factors affecting you we don't know and take any advice given for what it is, a little advice, not a fully considered medical diagnosis, and play safely with it.

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