How to turn a hotel room into a dungeon

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How to turn a hotel room into a dungeon

London Mistress Claire Black teasing you in her fishnets and black leather harness. She lies on the bed playfully with her feet in the corner.

The fabulous Anna Williams recently wrote an excellent blog post on how to create a lovely sensual atmosphere in a hotel room. She focuses on stimulating all the senses, if you haven’t read it go do that now then come back here to learn how to kink it up a bit. You can find it here – Anna Williams Blog 

Okay, so you’ve got nice soft lighting, the room smells great, sexy music and tasty nibbles, but how do you make it kink friendly?


The Bed

Well firstly and most importantly the bed. Tying someone up spread eagled is a classic to leave them exposed and vulnerable. I always carry a few extra lengths of rope with me for this reason alone. Start by throwing off the duvet and pillows, they’ll just get in the way. If the bed has legs you can create attachment points by tying off shorter ropes to these. If there are no available legs just run the ropes horizontally underneath the mattress, one near the bottom for the legs, and one near the top for the arms. You can attach cuffs to these either by tying or with carabiners. Once the sub is tied up and stretched out the ropes stay in place pretty well.

If rope leaves you in a tangle and you want to invest a little money you can buy an underbed restraint system. Just make sure you have a little time to set it up the first time, these things can be quite confusing in themselves.


But what if you want your sub bound and standing? Well you can buy (or make) clever over the door attachment points. Just fling them over the bathroom door and close, subbie can be attached facing front or back, unable to move anywhere.


Then there’s the chair. Every hotel room has them, and if you’re lucky it will have visible legs or arm rests. Your bottom can be tied or cling film wrapped to them to great effect. Just remember to put a towel down first if it’s fabric to save leaving a sticky mess behind.


How about the table? Most hotel rooms have a desk to work at, if it’s the right height maybe the bottom could be bent over it with wrists and/or ankles attached to the legs.

In even the most bland hotel room there are plenty of tricks to create an atmosphere for sensuality and exciting bondage explorations, and of course whatever happens once the sub is bound is entirely up to you (or me if I can get my hands on you).


Do you have any more tips for converting a hotel room to a sexy kinky playspace? Comment below, share the deviant joy.

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