Curious Cat

On timing: When to arrive for a BDSM session with a Dominatrix
April 11, 2018

Curious Cat

Do you have any burning questions you’d just love to ask me but you’re scared to?
Would you like to know my opinion on a wide variety of subjects?
Do you just want to get to know me better?

Then get yourself over to my Curious Cat page!

Curious Cat is a website that allows people to anonymously ask questions of participants. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying answering quite a number of questions on various subjects, mainly sex/BDSM related, but they do vary as far as what my favorite cartoon character is.

Some are titillating (most extreme thing you’ve done), some are personal (what’s your favourite porn), some are silly (fight a horse sized duck or 1000 duck sized horses), and some are very deep (about clients who fall in love and how I deal with them).

So go and check it out, and if you have anything you’ve always wanted to know, now’s your chance to ask!


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