Connecting through clips

London Mistress Claire Black teasing you in her fishnets and black leather harness. She lies on the bed playfully with her feet in the corner.
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January 5, 2017
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Connecting through clips

Worship the perfect feet of London Dominatrix Claire Black. She dares you to submit on your knees in front of her and try to prove your pathetic life has any purpose

A few weeks ago I had a request to make a custom video clip from a lovely gentleman, lets call him Paul, who couldn’t visit me in the flesh due to illness. I’d been meaning to figure out how to make and sell clips for years, but without any motivation it never quite happened. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get paid to learn with an externally imposed deadline.

I happily agreed and explained my situation, I asked Paul for as much information as he could give me, and quoted him a low price as I had no idea what quality I would be able to create. We had a very enjoyable back and forth, he gave me a script(ish), linked me to the site he usually bought from, and sent me a (lovely smiley) picture of his face so I knew who I was working with. It felt important to me to have a face in mind whilst I was talking to the camera so I knew who I was speaking to.

I created a video to his requirements, I was surprised how well it came out and he was delighted with it! Within days he had commissioned two more! Cue more enjoyable dialogue clarifying what exactly he wanted, and two more videos were created.

It seemed such a mutually beneficial agreement, I got the encouragement I needed to start making and selling clips (Paul agreed I could sell them on other websites), and Paul got his fantasies played out on camera. But Paul got even more from it than I could have guessed.

A few days later I received this email:

Unfortunately I found the impact of [my illness] on my life very difficult to cope with (and still do) as every part of my life was affected, not only physically but mentally too. I eventually admitted the normal route of prescription anti-depressants wasn’t enough so I attended a councillor for a wee while. I found this helpful and she encouraged me to find new things that “would make my heart sing” as she put it, to replace the thrill I lost since I couldn’t participate sports etc.

I only realised it tonight but the process we have been going through has delivered exactly that. It has been hugely cathartic process for me and your open and welcoming approach has been key to that. So thank you 🙂

I’ve always known that engaging in kink play can be massively healing, and that connecting with other humans is vital, but it never occurred to me such effects could be so immediate without even meeting. I was so touched that our work together and our interactions could help Paul so directly.

One of the reasons I’ve shied away from more internet based domming is that I was concerned I wouldn’t have intimate connections to people. Connecting deeply with people is what I love about my work, helping them discover new parts of themselves and accept old ones. Without that personal engagement it’s not satisfying for me. It appears I was wrong there, that it is possible to create profound and transformative connections, even through emails and a few video clips.

Thanks to Paul I now have a new and exciting way of connecting with even more people! So if you cannot visit me due to distance, illness, finances or any other reason, maybe you’ll consider buying or commissioning a video clip.

You can visit my store at IWantClips. Currently it only has a few clips but I will be continuing to add to it. If you would like to commission your own custom clip and watch your fantasies come alive, drop me an email at 

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