Spotlight: Canes

Spotlight: Clover Clamps
March 31, 2016
Doc Martin trampling by Sir Claire Black
Trampling and Kicking session
May 12, 2016

Spotlight: Canes

Mildly caned bum by Sir Claire Black

Welcome to the second in my Spotlight blog series where we look at some of my favorite toys, where to get them, how to use them, why to use them and how they feel. Each month we will look at another piece of kit and I offer a limited number of 1 hour taster sessions to give you the chance to fully experience them. This month we’re looking at canes, particularly heavy thuddy canes.


The Augusta Cane

Where to get canes:
I got these from The English Cane Company. They were described as Our straight Punitive cane.  Diameter is 10-11mm, length is 36”.  More severe than the Phillipa and heavy enough to leave some nice welts.’
Why these canes:
I wanted a pair of long heavy canes to leave a deep impact and contrast with my collection of thinner, whippy canes. The English Cane company are known for good quality canes.
How to use heavy canes:
Cane standingThere are two main ways I play with canes. Firstly is punishment style caning. We go in cold and we go in hard, hitting on the ass and backs of thighs. This is about endurance and taking something that may not be initially pleasant. For most people this quickly prompts a massive endorphin rush leaving them quickly feeling quite high and able to withstand significant amounts of pain. I’m not particularly fond of role play, so punishments are either for a reason, or simply the joy it brings. It’s traditional to go up in 12’s in this style of play, and often to have the bottom count. ‘1 thank you Sir, 2 thank you Sir, 2 thank you Sir’… Sometimes I stick with tradition, other times no. This style tends to leave deep purple and red welts and can be very visually pleasing if they are all parallel.

The second way is by using two or more canes rhythmically to create more of a trance. Working with music I build up very slowly, the bottom knows when each hit is going to come as it follows the beat, and rarely do I hit with unexpected force. It feels like heavy tropical rain falling down on you, not painful, at first. I build up and some will feel more intense, and then I ease off and let the bottom relax back into the rhythm again. Often we both end up trancing out during this kind of play. I hit the upper back, ass and backs of thighs. Sometimes I use one in each hand, sometimes I use two in one hand, sometimes I add another two canes into my other hand and have 4 pattering away at once.


In any case, it’s important to always be aware of where the tip of the cane falls, this is where there is most impact. Do not let it wrap around the body as it speeds up and will hit harder than you expect, causing painful welts in awkward places. It’s good practice to switch sides, keeping things even. If you’re quite new, or trying a different cane start more gently and build up as you get a feel for it. Hitting off mark on a gentle stroke is rarely a problem, but with a hard one can be excruciating.
Why I like playing with canes:

I like cold canings because they are severe and cruel, they really feed my sadism. I feel energised by them.

I like rhythmic canings because they are trancy, I love getting lost in a rhythm, and from my days of being a drummer I can hold it well. I also enjoy that this type of play takes a lot of concentration for me, particularly when I am using 4 canes at once. Focusing on where to hit, how hard, where exactly each of the 4 lands, what would be best to take the person even higher and all perfectly in rhythm. It’s like a meditation, it closes off all other parts of my head for a while.
What do canes feel like:

“It feels like an instant shock that reverberates up your spine then it slowly subsides into a stinging ache, it feels nice as it subsides.  I like it because it’s really fucking sore. It makes your whole body clench and mind rush. Blood is rushing into your brain then the tingling after sensation after the shock. It’s like an adrenaline rush. ” – Mark, the ass model for the shots on this page.
Health and safety:

You have to be careful about where to hit with canes, nothing hard over the kidneys. It’s best to stick to fleshy areas of the ass and thighs, and upper back (a bit less hard). If you’re not sure of your aim you can cover the lower back with a cushion or something to absorb the impact. Be careful of the ends wrapping around, this can cause much deeper welts than anticipated. Sometimes cane strokes can cause bleeding so they need to be steralised, and the bottom needs to know that this is a possibility. Canes can be cleaned with antibacterial wipes or spray if they are thoroughly varnished, or by soaking in a bleach solution. If you have just a little spot of blood it can be covered with a plaster and play continues. I’ve never caned someone so hard there were rivers of blood, but I have heard stories!


Now it’s your turn!

This month I’m offering three one hour taster sessions to explore caning.

To apply for a taster session click the button below.

I want to play!


Prefer to be on top?

I also teach impact play to individuals or small groups. Here you can learn exactly how to wield canes as well as other implements that make impacts on skin, and how to make it feel really good for the bottom. For more information email

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