About Claire

The hedonist and neophile

I've been hedonistically indulging my kinky desires since I was a wee Scottish lass of 16 (further in the past than you might think). Being a perfectionist I've become accomplished in the use of many toys in this time, but I'm also a neophile – I love new and shiny things, a new toy, a new way to play with you. I revell in finding new ways to subvert the Mistress/slave, Dominant/submissive, BDSM traditions. How about doing BDSM with a smile? A dominatrix in control without the costume? To gaze into each others eyes and laugh whilst I violate your skin.

What else can we do to fuck with the norm?

The real human being

I insist on being real in sessions, no tacky façade or persona. This means I'll only do things I enjoy, I'll wear clothes I feel comfortable and sexy in, I'll rarely wear make-up, and our play will be on my terms. What this means for you is that you can be 100% certain that I'm enjoying what we are doing, and that I'm doing it for the love not just the money, and trust me, it shows.

No hiding behind a mask, for either of us!

The sensual control freak

As well as being a competent sadist, and self-admitted control freak (we won't play until the lighting, temperature, clothing and ambiance is perfect), I'm also quite a soft and sensual creature, and do love a good cuddle. I delight in good food, particularly Japanese, European or American, and enjoy company and conversation whilst I eat.

A beating then a cuddle?

Wotever World BDSM talk

Hear the Scottish accent

In early 2014 I was asked to give a talk on my approach to BDSM for Bar Wotever. I'm not a natural public speaker so thought this an excellent chance to get more experience and confidence. In the middle I did a super sexy demo with my gorgeous sub Nyx, but sadly it had to be cut from the recording, so you'll just have to use your imagination!

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